Frost Wedding | Lubbock, TX

Sometimes you just watch two people interact with each other and know they were meant to be! Kevin and Mikaley are definitely one of those couples. These two exude joy when they are together; a love that is truly wonderful to witness and a blessing to capture.

First of all, Mikaley was ABSOLUTELY stunning in her wedding gown. Kevin’s reaction to her during their first look was priceless, and we don’t blame him! Watching them read their letters from one another put a smile on our face. SO MUCH love. We are suckers for a good love story, and when letters are involved it just gives us all the feels! (Also, there MAY have been some tears involved in the father/daughter dance…) Their day was full of fun and laughter, and the best part was being able to take them out with the old Ford and getting some husband and wife photos of them together after the ceremony! How cool is that truck?! It made a special journey to Lubbock all the way from Waxahachie, TX and served as the couples get away car! (If you gotta leave, might as well do it in style, right?!) And we love that Kevin is photographed with BOTH of his loves on his wedding day!

Kevin and Mikaley, God is so present in your relationship and we know that your wedding day was only the beginning of what will be an incredible, God-honoring journey through your new life together. We loved getting to spend your special day with you and your amazing friends and family! Watching you two say “I do” brought us so much joy! We love you guys and are cheering you on all the way! Praying your days to come are filled with love and joy!


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