Vineyard Proposal | Llano Estacado Winery | Lubbock, TX

Ladies, this proposal is sure to make you swoon! Unbeknownst to sweet Emily, Cody and I had been scheming for a couple of months about this surprise engagement session, and finalized our plans just a few days before he dropped down on one knee! We weren’t sure where this was going to take place but, just the day before, Emily had suggested they do a winery tour for their weekend date. Sounds fun, right? Little did she know that it would be THE PERFECT SPOT to become engaged! As soon as we knew where Cody would pop the question, the real planning began to take place.

I showed up to Llano Estacado Winery about an hour before the two lovebirds were to arrive just to scout out a good spot for 1. Cody to ask Emily to be his bride and 2. ME TO HIDE!!! I found an awesome hidey-hole behind a large wine barrel just outside of the Event Center. Shaded underneath a pergola, I ran through the plan several times to make sure that all would go off without a hitch. A bit later, a few members of the staff came out to let me know it was “go time” and shortly after Cody and Emily walked out to the vineyard. They started down the first aisle and as soon as their backs were turned I ran to get into place. As they were walking back towards the winery, the staff motioned to me through the windows that the big event was about to happen, so I peeked around the corner praying that Emily wouldn’t see me and began clicking away! This proposal was a team effort and couldn’t have been more perfect!

Cody and Emily, I had so much fun scheming and planning this special day! You two will have to schedule another tour so that Cody can hear all the things he missed as he was running through what he was going to say! Emily, you are going to be a GORGEOUS bride, and most importantly a wonderful wife! I’m so glad we got to capture these special memories for you both! Cheers to wedding planning!



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